First Source Agreement Dc

/First Source Agreement Dc

First Source Agreement Dc

Within 120 days of 24 February 2012, the Department of Employment Services shall make available to the public on its website all employment contracts concluded in 2009 and shall make available online all future employment contracts, their compliance status and the Contracting Officer or first Source Compliance Officer awarded by the project or contract and their contact details. (1) the number of state-funded projects or contracts for which employment contracts have been concluded; « 7. Two members of the district business community representing sectors that are often subject to first-source agreements appointed by the mayor; (a) The Mayor shall provide, for any publicly funded project or contract, that the recipient enters into a contract of employment with the Government of the District of Columbia, which stipulates that strict reporting obligations have been adopted to monitor the recipients` efforts to comply with the amended First Source Act. From the beginning of a project or contract to the completion of construction and the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, recipients must submit monthly compliance reports to DOES. This includes information on the number of employees recruited to work on a project, the number of jobs created, the number of employees transferred by other jobs, the number of job offers mentioned in DOES, all direct and indirect labour costs of the project or contract, the number of district inhabitants recruited for the reference period, and social security number, professional title, date of recruitment and referral source for all new employees. For projects or contracts with a total price of USD 5,000,000 or more, certified copies of the pay slips of all contractors working on a project must be submitted to DOES. (5) «State-supported project or contract» means any construction or non-construction project or contract receiving funds or resources from the District of Columbia, or funds or resources managed by the Government of the District of Columbia in accordance with a federal grant or in other forms, including contracts, grants, loans, reductions or tax exemptions, land transfers, land injunction and development agreements, tax increase or biation financing that is valued at USD 300,000 or more. (e) (1) (A) The Mayor shall include in any State-supported project or contract receiving public assistance totalling $300,000 to $5,000,000, a provision that at least 51% of the new employees hired to work on the project or contract are residents of the district. .

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