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What Is A Distributor Agreement

One of the main details of a distribution agreement is whether it is exclusive or not. An exclusivity gives the distributor exclusive rights to sell a particular item, operate in a specific territory or use a particular distribution channel. For example, a grocery store may get the right to be the only stationary to sell a certain type of cracker, but the product can still be sold online. A supplier may grant exclusive rights to a distributor to be the only distributor in Los Angeles to be able to transport its products, while other resellers may carry the product elsewhere. Unfortunately, manufacturers and distributors have not been able to find common ground on what needs to happen if the manufacturer wants to terminate the distributor. As a result, there are a huge number of disputes involving licensed distribution vessels. Lawyers spend a lot of time advising manufacturers and distributors on their legal rights, obligations and stock options in order to put themselves in the best possible negotiating position. Another rather difficult provision, which we have seen in some distribution agreements, is that merchants are terminated if they do not meet some kind of standard measured by an «average». This is a complex conceptual problem. An average is based on a range of turnovers, and the very definition of the average means that about half of the population will not meet it. Therefore, if the manufacturer does not want to lay off half of its distributors each year, it will be able to systematically meet the «You must sell at least as much as average commitments» requirement.

It would be much better for the manufacturer and distributor to drop the standard on something that both parties thought would be respectable — maybe 10 or 15 per cent. If the distributor is consistent in the bottom 10 percent of all players, chances are that the relationship is not particularly profitable for one of the parties, or that there are other serious problems, and that the relationship may have to be over. What happens if the manufacturer introduces new or reckless products that the distributor believes are fit to sell? Should the distributor have the right to refuse new products? Should the option of offering to the distributor be entirely in the hands of the manufacturer? The manufacturer or seller must also determine whether the distribution contract is exclusive or not exclusive. In an exclusivity agreement, the specified distributor is the only distributor with the right to sell the product in a geographic region or in several regions.

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